30 November 2010

Kundalini Arts

Kundalini Arts is the shared artistic vision of UK artists Philip Shadbolt & Mandala Bob, it's no surprise really that their amazing work can be found in collections from around the world. Personally i get heart palpitations when i view their work, you think i'm joking! Here are pieces they recently did for myhotel Chelsea. Fab!

20 November 2010


Meet Luna.

I hope you like her.

I won't be creating anything new until the end of the year now as i have loads of other things i need to get done. You can view her some more on canvas and soon in my Etsy Shop.

16 November 2010

Lingering moments...

Finally i got round to finishing this piece today, it's taken me about 25 hrs to complete which is a long time for me, i was also debating on whether to use coloured pencil on the lips and nails, however i decided to stay with my original idea of just graphite pencil.

Lingering moments has been added to my Canvas Beauties Collection and will soon be available in my Etsy shop as an A4 print.

6 November 2010

A4 Prints for free!

With Christmas fast approaching i am now offering all you lovely folk free A4 print/s. When you purchase either a medium or large Canvas Print like the two pieces above from here, as a gift i'll send you an A4 print of your choice from my Etsy shop Simple Soulful Art for free!!

Purchase 1 x Medium Canvas get 1 x A4 Print (foc)
 Purchase 1 x Large Canvas get 2 x A4 Prints (foc)
(A4 prints will be sent under separate cover and posted free of charge)

Once you've decided which free A4 print/s you want just email me:

Your name
Name of your print/s of choice
+ your Canvas order number once this has been confirmed

I'll then pop your prints off to you asap. 
Offer runs from 7/11/10 to 19/12/10.




5 November 2010


Her name is Willow.

Listen, listen carefully
What does she tell you?



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