29 August 2010

The astonishing work of Martine Johanna

There are so many talented female artists/illustrators out there and Martine Johanna is one of my faves, her work is profound, mystical, erotic and unabashed. Check out her site and be mesmerized.

28 August 2010

Marilyn Monroe by Photographer Douglas Kirkland

"She knew exactly what to do, her movements, her hands, her body were just perfect. She was the sexiest. Better than anyone else.
Emotionally, she did everything right. She expressed just what I wanted."
- Douglas Kirkland

22 August 2010


I've had geometric shapes floating around in my head for the past few days so thought i'd relieve myself :)) I like the idea of strong shapes and lines mixed with the softness of my usual creations, i think i may do a few more of these to create a series. Some key words associated with triangle meaning are:

More information on the symbolic meaning of the triangle can be found here.

14 August 2010

Clearing up, clearing out and new creations.

I've had a great day clearing up my folders on my Mac and trashing everything i really don't need anymore, (i sooo needed to do it) ticking off chores from my "Priority" list of things to do, getting details ready for an important meeting tonight AND freshening up an old piece of work i felt needed a face lift, thought i'd share her with you here and here. Right! now it's time for a cuppa. Hope you're all having a fab weekend! 

13 August 2010

Skin...The perfect canvas

Emma Hack's Native Mandala 2009

I came across the amazing work of Body Artist Emma Hack this morning. The above video left me feeling quite emotional...

6 August 2010


With lots going on at the moment i have from time to time felt quite scattered energetically, this has taught me more than ever the importance of taking time out to be still and to realign myself in the midst of change. 

Despite the feeling that i am being pulled in several different directions at once, i am happy to have eventually got round to finishing my latest piece Rapture, and especially more so now that my Landlord has decided to extend, therefore building work is soon to start under my house for about a month, dust and noise pollution as i am sure you realize really isn't conducive to working effectively. So, in order to get everything done it looks like early morning bird song will have to be my alarm clock.


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