23 July 2010

Brilliant Distractions

I discovered a series of self portraits through Tumblr this evening that just stopped me in my tracks, haunting images that i just found so inspiring. The photographer is Sabina Dimitriu. I love trawling the internet for inspiration, there's so much out there, i've got myself a little Tumblog now to hold those little gems i come across.

19 July 2010

At last No 11

After going around in circles with this piece i finally managed to finish her, i really wasn't sure of where my flow was taking me and had to leave her for a few days and do something else. Anyway here she is! Another lady to add to the collection.

13 July 2010

Shazzie's Dream

I took some time out from my project to do a little commission piece for someone special, Shazzie. I like to do the odd piece now and again for someone, it feels good to give, to make someone smile. Oh and in case you didn't know, it also fits in perfectly with the Laws of the Universe :)

10 July 2010

No 10

Another piece that i finished yesterday that will be added to the growing collection for the end of this year. Now i have a commission i want to crack on with for a girl who dazzles x

6 July 2010

All in good time...

This is the piece that set in motion the idea of my current secret project. I am normally terrible at holding back exciting news, always one to share enthusiastically, however in order to preserve some energy for its manifestation and not feel scattered, holding back is exactly what i need to do. I have other pieces that will remain in hiding until nearer the end of this year. 

1 July 2010


Love this track from Janelle Monae and the video contains some seriously class sliding and shuffling in it. I needed to hear this today.


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