30 September 2010

The Dandy Ball - Kareem Iliya

Perrier Jouet the iconic French champagne brand is paying homage to its Belle Epoque Cuvee with a new creative collaboration.

They got together with Kareem Iliya, personally one of my favorite artists/illustrators. These beautiful compositions of his in ink leave me mesmerized. Aren't they exquisite? You can view all seven pieces that were finally used in this collaboration here

29 September 2010


Personally these images of different abodes conjure up in my mind the purrrfect home.

It's good to dream.

27 September 2010

Shape Shifter

Some of you in the past have shown great interest in this particular piece so i'm happy to say that she is now available at Simple Soulful Art.

24 September 2010

Real Time Shots

 Yesterday afternoon with some help from the Hubby we set about taking some real life shots of some of my prints, this offers people visiting my shop, Simple Soulful Art a better perspective of the quality and finish of each print, I must say that i am over the moon with the result.  

21 September 2010


My latest piece 'Liu'.

Total of 25 hrs to create and what a joy she was to do.
Available at Simple Soulful Art.

If i were a boy...

Had fun last night putting this treasury together for the boys :)))

18 September 2010


I got back this morning from having been away for a couple of days, i'm terrible because when i'm working on a particular piece that's pretty much all i can think about, so to not be able to immerse myself in work felt pretty frustrating. Anyway, i happily managed to do a bit more this afternoon on her, however there is still loads more to do as you can see. This is the last shot you'll see of her as a WIP before i post her up here and into my shop hopefully very soon :)))

15 September 2010


Well the mosquitoes are out so i guess it's that time of the day when i need to wind down and get some dinner on the go, but first of all i thought i'd quickly share this sneaky glimpse of what i am currently working on. She should be done by the end of the week fingers crossed.

Have a wonderful evening folks!

11 September 2010

You Lied

Seems like it's taken me an absolute age to finish this piece, i've had so many little things to sort out regarding work that i just haven't had the time, just glad i managed to find a few hours today to finish her and get her into my shop. 

YAY! it's the weekend! :))

8 September 2010

Cinnamon & Vanilla Treasury

The lovely sisters Sarah and Olivia who run the blog S and O Productions like to share their passion for cooking, writing, photography and crafting. They also love to generously spread the word on the talented Etsy community.  
'Cinnamon and Vanilla' is one of the many themed Etsy treasuries that they talk about in their post 'Treasury Tuesday Elite Eight' pop on over and take a look, you'll find my piece 'Flawless' included in this gorgeous treasury too. Happy Days! :)

4 September 2010


YAY! At last i've opened my own art shop on Etsy.  

I orginally set it up earlier on this year but then had to wait a fair bit before buying all the necessary equipment and supplies, it feels really good to be self sufficient at last. I'd love for you to pop on over and take a peek. I'll be listing more pieces as the week progresses along with some 'Opening Promos' and other goodies.

Hope you're all having a fabulous weekend! :))

3 September 2010

The profundity of Andrew Gonzalez

Andrew Gonzalez is most definitely my artist of the moment. The depth, detail and softness of his work along with it's strong and undeniable spiritual presence is nothing short of genius. 

There are Angels amongst us!

Check out more of his sublime pieces here:


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