23 June 2010

Can you see my vision?

Project piece No 9. She took what seemed an absolute age to complete, thankfully i think she turned out okay. 

19 June 2010

Lovely No 6...

Here's another project piece i finished a while back, i just wasn't feeling ready to reveal her to you. I've been inspired by nature a lot more recently, bringing more things into my work that i wouldn't normally go for, it's been truly refreshing. Having included some feathers into her little cap I was very happy when i read this article afterwards. Symbolic meaning of Peacocks Just a little confirmation for me to trust, let go and follow my intuition more when drawing. Happy Days!

Oh! and just to let you know, i'm playing with design ideas for the blog so this background colour may change again soon, it's all involving some important projects/moves in 2010, i will of course keep you posted.

Have a fabulous day!

13 June 2010

No 7 & No 8

Here are a couple more pieces i've added to my "oh so special" little project for later on this year, fingers crossed. A lot of time and energy is being spent in it's creation so i am a girl of very few words at the moment, will promise to blog more as i slowly but surely adjust to the flow of things.

3 June 2010

Je t'aime encore...

Well it's late on a Thursday night and i am still busy drawing, playing, experimenting. I've been flat out of late working on an on going project that has me firing on all cylinders, can't wait to have it completed. In between pieces for this project i am also going back to a few of my favorite graphite portraits and seeing if i can add something new to them, without taking anything away. 

'Je t'aime' was a piece i did about a year ago, i felt a need to add a bit more mystery to her. Hope you like!


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